An exhibition about total submersion

Submarine by Cut & Scrape, drawing by Ellen Gallagher, sculptures by Seunghyun Woo and photographs by Daniel Gustav Cramer, installed at the Bluecoat

Video by Dorothy Cross and sculptures by Seunghyun Woo, installed at Spacex

Paintings by Shirley Kaneda and drawings by Ed Pien, installed at Towner

Bill Viola video and part of a sound sculpture by Klaus Osterwald, installed at Spacex

Video, Moss (He Drowned in Her Eyes and She Called Him to Follow) by Janaina Tschäpe installed at the Bluecoat

Commissioned by Matthew Rowe at Towner, Eastbourne, and toured to Spacex, Exeter, Ferens Art Gallery, Hull, the Bluecoat, Liverpool, and Tullie House, Carlisle, 2010-2011.

Artists: Daniel Gustav Cramer, Dorothy Cross, Cut and Scrape, Ellen Gallagher, Shirley Kaneda, Klaus Osterwald, Ed Pien, Janaina Tschäpe, Bill Viola and Seunghyun Woo.

Critic Laura Cumming reviewed Underwater in the Observer:

Underwater is a fascinating anthology of contemporary art… It is intelligent, concise, beautifully displayed and remarkably thoughtful. Nothing in it is predictable. 

Underwater featured in the Observer’s Best Exhibitions of 2010.

The Underwater catalogue includes illustrations of the art plus essays by Angela Kingston and marine scientist J. Malcolm Schick. Available from Towner.