Is This Planet Earth?

an eco/sci-fi exhibition

Artworks (left to right) by Katherine Reekie, Alfie Strong, Halina Dominska and Salvatore Arancio

Sizzling Lake by Alfie Strong

Bound To by Halina Dominska

FDBT series, Etchogon-S, Round and Round and Round, BF Barnacle C56, BF 93 Stamm, Leafy Spouter (2nd image), They’re Here, They’re Under Us 1-5 by Salvatore Arancio

The Reekie Collection by Katherine Reekie

Artworks by (left to right) Katherine Reekie, Dan Hays, Salvatore Arancio and Alfie Strong

Colorado Impression 16c, The Walk To The Paradise Garden and First Light by Dan Hays

The Beginning and End of Things by Helen Sear (view the video here).

Sea of Glass by Seán Vicary (view the video here), Sizzling Lake by Alfie Strong

Wrecksome Flottlesam Statiom, a performance by Patrick Coyle (in Wrexham, see parts 12 and 3); Abbaystwyth Flottleswyth Statith (in Aberystwyth) and Kingstupon Hull Stumption (in Hull) 

Is This Planet Earth? also includes Mimesis III, a multi-part soundwork by Jason Singh.

At Ferens Art Gallery, shells and insects from the Hull Museums Collection were included in the exhibition.

Artists: Salvatore Arancio, Patrick Coyle, Halina Dominska, Dan Hays, Katherine Reekie, Helen Sear, Jason Singh, Alfie Strong, Seán Vicary

Commissioned by James Harper and Steffan Jones-Hughes as the launch exhibition of Ty Pawb, Wrexham (2 Apr–24 June 2018) and touring to Aberystwyth Arts Centre (13 Jul–16 Sept 2018) and Ferens Art Gallery, Hull (27 Apr–7 Jul 2019).

Is This Planet Earth? emphasises fantasy and imaginative embellishment over worthy didacticism… the show is well-pitched: thought-provoking without being standoffish, engaging without condescension. Lizzie Lloyd, Art Monthly, May 2018.

Visitor’s book, Abersytwyth Arts Centre:

I love the specimen jars [by Katherine Reekie] also, the interesting twist on nature.

Film [Sean Vicary] very interesting – beating heart of the sea? Nature?

Interacting with the ‘breathing’ sculpture [Halina Dominska] quite emotional – wanted to stroke it.

Beautiful. Cerebral and felt transported.

Love this exhibition, attention to the wonderful weirdness of this planet.

Slightly spooky. Thought provoking.
Absolutely loved it. The film is beautiful and thought-provoking, relaxing, drifting, surreal. Digital art work that’s painted [Dan Hays] just incredible. All of it is superb!

It takes exceptional minds to create art and this gallery of exceptional art has created one of the most memorable experiences I’ve ever had. Congratulations everybody who was involved. Thank you for creeping me out in there.

Feedback cards, Ferens Art Gallery:

Very interesting. I love the mix of human influence on nature through the process of examining/learning /exploration through tech – pixelated paintings as examples of social media and nature in jars – the question is, can we learn to learn/examine without consequence.

Truly empowering exhibit. The ambient sounds of wildlife truly capture the aura of ‘pixelated’ nature and eerie jarred specimens

Loving the great works! Keep it up! Thank you. From Extinction Rebellion.

One of the most fascinating exhibitions I’ve seen!

I like that the audience is invited to look at this exhibit as if they were aliens! I liked the link with the Hull Museums collection A LOT!

Illustrated catalogue designed by Fraser Muggeridge Studio, with an introduction by James Harper and an essay by Angela Kingston. Available from Ty Pawb