Dear Ladies of the Church

An exhibition tribute to the women who have dusted and polished, and arranged the flowers, for the past 800 years

All Saints, Burmarsh, a Saxon church on Romney Marsh, Kent. Dear Ladies of the Church was part of Art in Romney Marsh 2011.

Installation in the church porch by Heather Deedman, fresh flowers were arranged in the vases each week, photo: Claire Hazelton

Flower painting with fairies and goblins (connecting to the gargoyle over the church door), by Katherine Reekie, photo: Claire Hazelton

Dust sculpture by Paul Hazelton, the figure, facing the altar, prays or cleans, or perhaps does both, photo: Claire Hazelton

Artists: Heather Deedman, Paul Hazelton, Katherine Reekie

A visitor wrote in the comments book:

I love all the works and how they work in this beautiful church. Everything brings contemporary understanding to old traditions with wit, love and respect. 

A handwritten letter to the ladies of the church, past and present, also served as an exhibition guide.