3AM – wonder, paranoia and the restless night

Works on paper by Fred Tomaselli, sculpture by Nathan Mabry, photographs by Danny Treacy, sculptures by Rachel Kneebone, paintings by Anj Smith, at The Exchange

Nathan Mabry, Process Art (Eat Your Heart Out), 2007

Danny Treacy, Them no. 17, 2010

Fred Tomaselli, Portrait of Jim, 2012

Amj Smith, Nachtraglichkeit, 2010

Drawings by Marc Hulson, sculpture by Rachel Kneebone, at The Exchange

Rachel Kneebone, At the Edge of Dawn and Darkness, 2009

Marc Hulson, Untitled, 2012

Photographs by Hirsch Perlman, sculpture by Rachel Kneebone, photograph by Sophy Rickett, at the Bluecoat

Video by Michael Palm & Willi Dorner,  video by Francis Alÿs, photographs by Dorothy Cross, at The Exchange

Michael Palm & Willi Dorner, Body Trail, 200

Francis Alys, The Nightwatch, 2004

Dorothy Cross, Searchlight, 2008

Videos by Anthony Goicolea, works on paper by Fred Tomaselli, at the Bluecoat

Anthony Goicolea, Sleepers, 2002

Soundwork by Paul Rooney, photographs by Tom Wood, at The Exchange

Tom Wood, from the series Looking for Love, 1983-86, at the Bluecoat

Installation by Sandra Cinto, photographs by Dornith Doherty, at Chapter

Close-up of installation by Sandra Cinto with Dornith Doherty’s photographs in the background, at Ferens

Dornith Doherty, First Night, 2011

Sculpture by Tonico Lemos Auad, photographs by Hirsch Perlman, drawings by Ed Pien, photographs by Bettina von Zwehl, at Chapter

Bettina von Zwehl, Untitled 1 no.2, 1998

Ed Pien, Topsy Turvy, 201

Tonico Lemos Auad, Sleep Walkers, 2009

Still from a video, Nasty Piece of Stuff, by Jordan Baseman

Film installation, Lake (Nocturne), by Lucy Reynolds, at the Bluecoat

Commissioned by Bryan Biggs and Sara-Jayne Parsons at the Bluecoat, Liverpool, and shown at the Bluecoat and at Chapter, Cardiff, The Exchange, Penzance, and Ferens Art Gallery, Hull 2013-14.

Artists: Francis Alÿs, Tonico Lemos Auad, Jordan Baseman, Sandra Cinto, Dorothy Cross, Dornith Doherty, Anthony Goicolea, Marc Hulson, Rachel Kneebone, Nathan Mabry, Michael Palm & Willi Dorner, Hirsch Perlman, Ed Pien, Lucy Reynolds, Sophy Rickett, Paul Rooney, Anj Smith, Fred Tomaselli, Danny Treacy, Bettina von Zwehl, Tom Wood

Visitors wrote in the comments books:

You feel on another planet, in a dark and creepy and dreamy atmosphere 

Darkly traumatic… in a good way

Unsettling, engrossing, strange

Spooky, yet striking, I could relate. Insomnia ‘plagues’ me sometimes… 

Diverse, dark & fascinating

Review of 3am in This Is Tomorrow and interview with AK in 3rd Dimension.

A reader for insomniacs accompanies the exhibition, with illustrations of the artworks in 3am and historic far-depths-of-the-night art, plus essays, stories, a poem and a playlist by Bryan Biggs, Elizabeth Bronfen, Ailsa Cox, Mariella Frostrup, Angela Kingston, Leon Kreitzman, Robert Macfarlane, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Sara-Jayne Parsons and Robert Louis Stephenson. Published by Liverpool University Press and available from the Bluecoat.